You Are Dying, and Your World is a Lie

Category: stoicism. Date read: March 1, 2016. My rating: 3/5. Buy on Amazon.

A short guide on the importance of doing important things. The time you spend worrying about things is time you're never getting back. Use your time to test your boundaries and increase your levels of discomfort. Greater joys comes aft

great discomforts."""

Cave men were in danger. They could die from a cut that got infected, or a twisted ankle that slowed them. From bad water or food gone scarce. You, on the other hand, are not in danger anymore.

Your fears about your job, your finances, or your social status are not real. Those things will not kill you. Life will go on.

Imagine you are diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. That will kill you., not your current fears.

Realise that it's your body that needs to fear something, the one promoting your discomforts as pains, because it no longer has anything to actually fear.

You no longer need to be strong, since machines that do your hard work were invented.

You no longer need to be fast, since bicycles and cars exists.

You no longer need to search for food, since there are now cheap, calorie dense, superfoods.

Be aware of the security that the society has given us. Remember that there is no good without bad. We are wired to experience pain and discomfort.

You are not as weak as you think. Face your boundaries head on to realise that you can handle a lot more than you think.

Expand your joy by expanding your capacity to cope with discomfort and failure. This capacity doesn't expand linearly, it expands in circles.

At your boundaries is where you find the fun and the real.

Own the new levels of discomfort you're able to reach. They are yours to claim.

Be aware of the time passing by. You're given a death sentence.

Realise that your past years are gone. They're never coming back. Never.

Don't worry about petty details.

Face your boundaries head on, experience the real, and make use of your time left. Don't worry if it hurts, that's where the fun is. This is where you live. Don't be stupid.