Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

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Short book that emphasizes the importance of loving yourself and exercises to improve your self-love. Repetitive with multiple references to the author.

Repeat to yourself "I love myself" all the time until it becomes the anchor, the one true thing.

Don't give things more importance than what they deserve. Don't care about anything else. Just love yourself. Life loves you back when you love yourself.

Your job is purely to love yourself. Truly and deeply. Feel it. Again and again. — Kamal Ravikant

Most of the time you think you're thinking but you're actually remembering. One though, even if it has emotional intensity, has no control over you. Remembering it again and again will end up controlling you.

When dealing with the world, before reacting, ask yourself this question: "If I loved myself, would I let myself experience this? Would I let myself be affected by this?"

When dealing with regret, say to yourself: "I can't erase the past, only learn from it. It's ok."

When dealing with fear, say to yourself: "It's ok".

When dealing with negative thoughts, say to yourself: "Not useful".

Rather than reacting to situations, I found myself choosing how I wanted to be. — Kamal Ravikant

Simple meditation: