Food Rules, An Eater's Manual

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A handbook more than a book with simple easy to follow rules to know what and how to eat. A much needed guidance in a world full of things we can digest but that are not really food.

I learned that in fact science knows a lot less about nutrition than you would expect—that in fact nutrition science is, to put it charitably, a very young science. — Michael Pollan

Two facts about nutrition and diet:

So, what to eat?

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. — Michael Pollan


Prefer foods that:

Avoid foods that:

What to eat:

Stop eating before you're full. Eat when you're hungry until you stop being hungry. Eat slowly and enjoy your meals. Eat more meals and less snacks.

Have a big breakfast, a normal lunch, and a small dinner.

Eat only at a table. Your desk doesn't count.

Cook for yourself.

Break the rules every once in a while.